Shooting Gallery — TV titles / graphics

Channel 4

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    New titles and in-programme graphic links developed for the return of Channel 4’s legendary Shooting Gallery strand, the original home of British filmmakers including Shane Meadows, Annie Griffin and Clio Barnard. Now partnering with Vimeo to discover next generation artists, filmmakers and moving image-makers.

    Shooting Gallery on 4OD

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    Visual Approach

    As a late night series we revisited the original content for through the night broadcasting — early test card sequences. We wanted the new identity to feel like interruptions or ghosts of broadcast past and to push the idea of testing and experimenting with colour — reflecting the experimental nature of the featured work. The logo itself was derived from the very first ‘tuning signal’ from 1934, using John Logie Baird’s 30 line system to synchronise the mechanical scanning system.

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