Bear Grylls — TV graphics

Sky Discovery / Betty TV

  • Bear Grylls Titles Snow

    Bear Grylls’ series ‘Escape from Hell’ sees the adventurer relive the experiences of survivors who’ve been trapped in some of the world’s most dangerous locations.

    Each episode of this 6-part series for Sky Discovery / Betty TV leaves Bear in his element in different extreme environments — Jungle, Snow, Mountains, Canyons and Desert, culminating in his ‘Ultimate Survival School’.

  • Bear Grylls ep1 River


    Our information graphics brought Grylls’ survival guides to life. These were placed directly on top of the live action sequences.
  • Bear Grylls ep3 gfx
  • Bear Grylls ep2 map
  • Bear Grylls Titles Snow
  • Bear Grylls Slope
  • Bear Grylls ep2 frog
  • Bear Grylls gfx7 & 14 tree water
  • Bear Grylls Desert
  • Director
    Gareth Johnson

    Rebecca North

    Ross Bradley

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