Oculus — Immersive video installation

St Paul’s Cathedral

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    St Paul’s Cathedral
    Exhibition Designer


    Oculus is a permanent video installation based in the Crypt at St Paul’s Cathedral. We were asked to find a way to create super Hi-Vision films that wrap around three walls stitching together 16 x High Definition film frames to create an enormous single film, that wraps around the space.

    Three sequences were created to give visitors views of St Paul’s very few people have ever experienced.

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    The timeline was a graphic pre-sequence that introduced the history of the Cathedral. The sequence forms a dynamic bridge between the physical display graphics outside the room and films within the Crypt.

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  • Screen arrangements
    Screen arrangements
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    Virtual Access

    The second film takes the visitor on a tour of the building, up through the Whispering Gallery and out to the very utmost exterior platform on the roof of the Cathedral. Created by compositing over 2,000 HD stills we shot then applying them within a virtual 3D model we created. The film is a dizzying journey that culminates with an enormous timelapse wraparound panoramic of the City of London.


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    Screen arrangement
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    The Great Model

    The first was filmed within Wren’s original wooden model built to allow commissioners to view the exterior and interior of the proposed building. By using micro-cameras and special lighting, we managed to film the interior as if we were shooting the actual cathedral, complete with crane and tracking shots.

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    Screen arrangement