New Town – TV titles & animation


  • 250 years ago, Edinburgh launched a competition to design a ‘New Town’ for the Scottish capital, a design that be would be a proud home for what was seen as the city that was the intellectual capital of Europe.

    To tell the story of how this became the most ambitious building project in Britain, we revisited the original plans and illustrations of the city. These beautiful intricate engravings contained incredible detail showing the spread of avenues and terraces that would make up New Town. We created 3D versions of these and mapped the original surface detail to create dynamic animations bringing the drawings to life. Described by one journalist as “Inception meets the Enlightenment” the technique allowed us to introduce a contemporary creative approach that still respected the fine draftsmanship qualities of the original plans.

  • Edinburgh New Town Still

    3D Sequences

    By blending the original 2D printed plans into 3D virtual sequences we could give contemporary audiences an insight into the vision of the early New Town planners.
  • Edinburgh New Town
  • Edinburgh New Town
  • Edinburgh New Town
  • Producer / Director
    Andrew Abbott

    Executive Producer
    Iain Scollay

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