Titanic: Cased Closed — TV graphics

Bedlam Productions / National Geographic

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    Titanic Case Closed follows Tim Martin’s journey as he pieces together the chain of events that resulted in the sinking of the Titanic.

    Working closely with the documentary’s director Nigel Levy we developed an highly stylised approach to work across the story as it unfolds.

    The narrative is told from Tim’s perspective, we felt the graphics should live inside his ‘world’, helping to bring his thoughts and ideas to life.

  • CaseClosed.Still001


    We wanted the graphics to blend into the story-telling and avoid continually cutting away to CGI sequences, instead we placed the graphics directly into the live action seamlessly combining the presenter, graphics and reconstructions in one environment.

    The graphics package is supplemented with additional map sequences that mix original charts and ship plans to create stylised 3d maps.

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