XX Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Jack Morton

  • XX Commonwealth Games 2014

    ISO worked with global brand experience agency, Jack Morton to deliver the graphics and visual effects for the XX Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening Ceremony. With the largest screen ever to be seen in Europe at a staggering 100 metres long, 11 metres high, and weighing in at 38 tonnes, the team worked to deliver twenty different sequences using various design techniques such as time-lapse and particle animation.

  • Freedom Come All Ye by Hannah Peters


    The final graphics included a mixture of purely linear sequences and others composited to include a live video feed within them. The content was broken into hundreds of numbered tiles which were sent to the screens. Over the whole two hours, we featured different techniques and styles to keep the show fresh and interesting.

    The final content was developed alongside the choreography, lighting, pyrotechnics and live OB directors as the visual backdrop for the set piece performances and Athletes Parade.

    With a highly-successful Opening Ceremony behind them, Creative Directors Mark Breslin, Damien Smith and Clyde Lawson took some time to talk to Central Station about their design process. Read the Q&A online here.

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  • Games by Hannah Peters
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