Stonehenge — AV Installations

English Heritage

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    ISO produced two suites of films for the new English Heritage Stonehenge visitor centre. A large multi-screen installation explains the popular theories that surround the meaning and use of Stonehenge, while the second suite of films, which run throughout the gallery, illuminate the life and crafts of Neolithic people.

    Images courtesy Clare Kendall/English Heritage & HSD Ltd.

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    People Films

    We worked closely with the curators at English Heritage and a number of leading experts to re-enact and illustrate the process of creating a number of objects and tools of the neolithic people. The films are placed alongside physical artefacts throughout the gallery, giving visitors a deeper understanding of the objects in terms of technology, craft and their context within everyday life.

    The films are a created from a mixture of specially filmed re-enactments, shot in various location across the UK and stylistic illustrations that explain their context in everyday life.

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    Meaning Films

    A large multi-screen installation explains a number of popular theories that surround the meaning and use of Stonehenge. Filmed interviews, archive material and animations are combined to create visually rich sequences that explore 17th century theories of Druid worship, more recent theories proposing it’s function as an astronomical computer and its current place in popular culture.

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