Hearts of Oak — AV installations

The Historic Dockyard Chatham / Land

  • Chatham Royal docks

    Hearts of Oak is a 30 minute visitor attraction, set in the historical Mould Loft building in Chatham Royal docks. The visitors follow life-sized historical characters as they appear around the various rooms and environments. The actors and accompanying backdrops and graphics are video mapped onto the original building walls and period recreation set works.

  • Twelve video installations were created ranging from single projection units up to eight synced projections within the Mould Loft. Each scene is timed to lead the visitor around the entire show.

    AV installations

  • Chatham Gun Deck

    Gun Deck

    Perspective mapped sequence showing dramatic period reconstructions on the gun deck of HMS Victory.
  • Chatham Gun Deck
  • Chatham Gun Deck
  • Chatham Dockyard Gates

    Dockyard Gates

    Life-sized characters projected onto the Dockyard Gates.
  • Chatham Steam Chest

    Steam Chest

    Animated illustrations are mapped onto the Steam Chest as our featured characters explain the process of steaming wood from the back wall of the room.
  • Chatham Mould Loft

    Mould Loft

    Eight synced projectors play an 8 minute animated film explaining the process of designing and drawing ships in the Mould Loft.
  • Chatham Mould Loft
  • Chatham Ship in Frame

    Ship in Frame

    An animated sequence video mapped onto the hull of a ship explains the planking process.
  • Exhibition Design

    Tim Neil

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