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Glasgow School of Art

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    New website design, content management system and social media strategy for the Glasgow School of Art. Following a lengthy mapping of the departmental structure and ever changing activities of the School we built a new publishing platform to allow control of the site and its content to devolve out to staff and students to fully reflect life at GSA.

    A toolset was provided that allows the editors to link the site to the many social media and blogging spaces where creative discussion naturally occurs and a social media strategy to establish the tone of voice, scheduling and types of activity was developed with the Marketing and Admissions teams.

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    Design Approach

    The visual design of the site carefully tread a line between representing the underlining principles of the design of Mackintosh’s architectural masterpiece, whilst avoiding the more cliched representations of ‘Mockintosh’. For example grids were developed from the proportions of building elevations and internal detailing.

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