BBC iPlayer — UX and interface design

BBC Future Media

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    We were commissioned to develop the interface design and user experience of the BBC iPlayer — creating a graphic language for a TV experience on the web. The design treatments developed were integrated into the original launch of the service and continue to inform subsequent versions.

    ISO were commissioned as the Interface Design consultants for the original BBC iPlayer. Working with the BBC Future Media technical teams we developed a number of graphical user interface designs and user experience studies and defined the iPlayer’s distinctive visual identity.

    Due to our background in broadcast design we identified the challenge as how to take television online but still retain primarily a televisual and not a web experience. We pushed a simple, visually-driven interface that made discovery of new programming at its core.

    At launch the BBC iPlayer was hoped to serve half a million programmes in the first six months; it actually served over 3.5 million in its first three weeks of operation. By May 2010 the site was receiving 123 Million monthly play requests and is now believed to be used by 40 percent of the UK’s online adults.

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