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    Lost Art is an ambitious online exhibition created with the Tate and Channel 4 to explore over 40 masterpieces of modern art that have been lost through destruction, censorship or decay. Each work is presented via a table containing the media fragments left behind. These include archive photography, press articles, reviews, eye witness reports, sketches and personal letters. Visitors are encouraged to piece together their own personal view of the work, the context it was created in and its lasting impact.

    The project existed for exactly one year before we in turn destroyed it.


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    The site

    New essays on the concept and themes of loss have been created by the Tate’s curator Jennifer Mundy. Tate Media have also created 20 new films featuring artists such as the Chapman Brothers and Michael Landy explaining how key works and loss continue to influence their work.

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    Visitors Blog area

    New work was added weekly and users are encouraged to contribute to the debate around loss via the project blog, integrated into the main site. Here they help to add more fragments, links and areas of enquiry around the work and themes. The project team and curator also regularly post and are available to answer any specific questions.

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