Bear Grylls — TV graphics

Sky Discovery / Betty TV

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    Bear Grylls’ series ‘Escape from Hell’ sees the adventurer relive the experiences of survivors who’ve been trapped in some of the world’s most dangerous locations.

    Each episode of this 6-part series for Sky Discovery / Betty TV leaves Bear in his element in different extreme environments — Jungle, Snow, Mountains, Canyons and Desert, culminating in his ‘Ultimate Survival School’.

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  • Bear Grylls Titles Snow
  • Bear Grylls ep1 River


    Our information graphics brought Grylls’ survival guides to life. These were placed directly on top of the live action sequences.
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  • Bear Grylls ep2 map
  • Bear Grylls Titles Snow
  • Bear Grylls Slope
  • Bear Grylls ep2 frog
  • Bear Grylls gfx7 & 14 tree water
  • Bear Grylls Desert
  • Director
    Gareth Johnson

    Rebecca North

    Ross Bradley

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