• Scotland From The Sky

    We were commissioned by BBC Scotland to produce the title sequence and 77 individual motion graphics for a new three-part series, Scotland From the Sky. The series charts a century of aerial photography and witnesses the changes in rural and urban landscapes. Author and presenter James Crawford guides us through a mix of aviation adventure and historical detective work from long-lost landmarks as he explores Scotland from the air.

    We used a variety of techniques from re-animating archive stills with 2.5D displacement, augmenting aerial footage with CGI reconstruction and animating maps as historical archive merged into modern views of Scotland.

    SFTS Generic - Title

  • The Replacement

    The Replacement was filmed in Glasgow, directed by Joe Ahearne (Doctor Who) and produced by Left Bank Pictures (The Halcyon). It tells the story of Ellen, an architect who hires Paula to cover her maternity leave but tensions grow as Paula’s manipulations become concerning. When an accident strikes the firm, Ellen cannot accept the police verdict and pursues the person she believes responsible.

    We created the animated title sequence for the three-part psychological thriller using a 3D model of the architect’s building which was the setting for the show. The ominous style of animation ties in with the genre of the film and was created using lighting effects cast over the 3D model.

    The new drama will air on BBC One this Tuesday, 28 February at 21:00.

    The Replacement Titles

  • Beyond the Battlefield

    A century ago, the plight of those returning from battle was answered by Glasgow University’s surgeon Sir William Macewen and Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter. Together, they established Erskine Hospital which has cared for more than 85,000 veterans and led the way in treatment and rehabilitation. With assistance from Clydeside shipbuilders, early residents became experts in making their own artificial limbs. The BBC delves into Erskine’s archives to tell the story of the people who live and work there.

    To compliment the documentary, we created the title card, graphic sequences and rostrums using 3D depth maps, displacement filters and chromatic aberration.

    Watch Beyond The Battlefield: 100 Years Of Erskine on iPlayer.

    ISODESIGN Erskine Hospital

  • Erskine Hospital at 100

    Leading the way for the development of prosthetic limbs, Erskine Hospital has cared for more than 85,000 ex-service personnel since its opening in 1916. To commemorate its 100 year anniversary, the BBC has created a documentary to tell Erskine’s story through archive footage of staff and patients. ISO were tasked with treating the sequences to give a more ‘filmic’ appearance.

    We created the title card, 13 graphic sequences and 25 rostrums using 3D depth maps, displacement filters and chromatic aberration.

    See the one-hour documentary, Beyond The Battlefield: 100 Years Of Erskine on Thursday 3 November at 21.00, BBC Two Scotland.

    ISODESIGN | Erskine Hospital

  • The Joy of Data

    BBC’s The Joy of Data aired last week and featured ISO’s work on the Bristol Data Dome – a 360 degree visualisation of data captured by Bristol City Council.

    See our work in action as part of this documentary about the how data is captured and used in all areas of life.

    Catch it tonight on BBC Four or on iPlayer here.

    Bristol Data Dome

  • RTS Scotland Award Win

    ISO win RTS Scotland award for the 5th time!

    We are thrilled to receive The Scottish Royal Television Society award for Graphics and Titling for BBC Scotland’s The Story of Scottish Art. A proud addition to the collection!

    For this Documentary exploring Scotland’s artistic heritage, ISO developed a dynamic title sequence which encapsulates the ever changing landscape of Scottish art.

    See the full list of winners here.

  • RTS Awards 2016 Nominations

    Big night planned next month for the Royal Television Society Awards Scotland and in a repeat of last year we’ve picked up 3 nominations across Graphics and Titling and also the Animation categories. I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse goes up against The History of Scottish Art in Graphics whilst the Secret Life of Midges flies the flag for Animation.

    Damien was also chair of the Digital Innovation Jury this year so congratulations to the BBC’s The Social and T in the Park online teams and STV’s News Online for their nominations in that category.

    Here is a picture of Blair teasing a Zombie….

  • BBC Scotland: The Story of Scottish Art

    As the Turner Prize approaches The Story of Scottish Art takes a look at what the host nation has contributed to the global art world. This four-part series celebrates Scotland’s artists through the eyes of presenter and accomplished painter Lachlan Goudie.

    He explores Scotland’s artistic heritage, examining developments and innovations from early neolithic finds to art in the 21st Century.

    ISO developed a dynamic title sequence which encapsulates the ever-changing landscape of Scottish art. Multiple macro shots of ink and water were digitally blended and extruded in 3D space to create abstracted topographic forms. The colour palette draws influence from Scotland’s beautiful, rugged and ancient terrain.

    BBC One Scotland from 9pm Tuesday 7 October for 4 weeks. Also available on iPlayer.

    The Story of Scottish ArtThe Story of Scottish Art

  • Panorama: Could A Robot Do My Job?

    Robots have taken over the BBC this week as part of its Make it Digital season. Panorama: Could A Robot Do My Job? is part of a range of shows exploring intelligent machines commissioned by BBC head of Technology Rory Cellan-Jones. In this Panorama special, reporter Rohan Silva examines the workplaces already using A.I. and asks whether we should be worried, or whether it will benefit all of us.

    We worked closely with the Panorama team to create a full suite of animated graphics that augmented their live action footage. The graphic elements were employed to tease out narratives and illustrate statistical information, whilst giving the show a distinct graphic identity.

    Watch Could A Robot Do My Job? on BBC’s iPlayer here.

    And take a quick quiz to see if a robot will take your job.



  • I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse

    Experience something dangerously different from ISO this Sunday as we’ve been experimenting on zombies. Titles and graphics we created for BBC Three’s
    I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse reality game show can be previewed here.

    ISO worked closely with producers Tiger Aspect to create the dramatic opening titles and all in-programme graphics for the 7-part show. Includes public information films, head up display graphics and our version of ‘Zombie’, how the zombies see their victims via 3D data, created via a hacked Kinect camera to visualise spatial depth and movement.

    Those with a nervous disposition are advised to steer clear of BBC Three this Sunday 15 February when the first episode will air at 10pm.


    I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse titles

    I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse