• Wallace Monument Film

    We’re pleased to announce we’ve been commissioned by Studio Arc to create the new centre-piece film for the National Wallace Monument. The monument will be undergoing a major refurbishment in preparation for it’s 150th anniversary.

    An ambitious, animated film will tell the story of Wallace, his rise to prominence, his most famous victory at the Battle of Stirling and his transformation into one of Scotland’s most treasured national heroes.

    We’re excited to be collaborating with concept artist and illustrator Richard Anderson (Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Prometheus), composer Giles Lamb (Valhalla Rising, Sucker Punch) and scriptwriter Richard Downes (History of Scotland, The Stuarts).

    Opening March 2019.

    Photo: ©The National Wallace Monument

    Wallace Monument

  • V&A Dundee Opening

    The V&A Dundee has finally opened and we can now share the work we’ve been doing for the last year on our Design Unwrapped installation. We’ve developed a large interactive table to present the stories of four distinctive Scottish Design objects.

    The table features augmented animations to illustrate the production processes of Lynne MacLachan’s ‘Statement Phase’ necklace, whilst a touch interactive lets you assemble a Hunter Boot from the pattern cutter’s components.

    The S’Up Spoon co-designed between Grant Douglas and 4C Design shows how physical prototypes became a spin-off company that Grant now runs and Neil Poulton’s Scopas Light for Artemide illustrates the link between creative inspiration and technical innovation.

    The Scottish Gallery is now open and free to visit.

  • Roman Baths Interactive Table

    Our new exhibit at the historic Roman Baths features a large multi-user touchscreen by which visitors can explore all areas of the site in detail, seeing a variety of Roman characters (over one hundred of them) going about their various activities in real-time. Up to four users can select a character to reveal a cinematic view on a second screen, revealing their stories, actions and environment in more depth. The characters “living in” the table also feature in other parts of the museum, we wanted to maintain a sense of continuity whilst giving visitors the chance to engage with them in a new way.

    To generate historically accurate animation, motion capture was used to record actor’s movements, which formed the basis of the final stylised animation. The exhibit gives a unique dual-perspective of the baths and its inhabitants, enhanced by 4k animation and photorealistic effects.



    DSC00195_edited copyDSC00206_edited

  • Konx-om-Pax @ ISO

    As part of Festival 2018 and Glasgow’s linking to Berlin for the European Championships, we invited Berlin-based audio/visual artist Tom Scholefield (aka Konx-on-Pax) to host a retrospective exhibition. The show featured record sleeve designs, graphic prints, posters, 3D visuals and video work from 2005 – 2018, showcasing Tom’s unique and immediately identifiable vibrant aesthetic. For the Preview weekend, Tom was also joined by Glasgow DJs Sofay and Ribeka for an exclusive live set in the ISO screening room before playing an exclusive live AV set in George Square with Mogwai’s Barry Burns and his band SUMS.

    Tom has had his directorial work shown in different publications and festivals all over the world and is known for his psychedelic 3D live visuals for artists such as Lone and his own performances. In more recent years, he has worked with labels such as Warp Records, Brainfeeder, Hyperdub and LuckyMe and he continues to release his own electronic music on Planet Mu.


  • Sonica Siren Servers

    Sonica is the UK’s biggest sound and interactive art festival. We have extended our studio practices of pre-visualisation and high-end production of immersive installations to create an optical and auditory simulacra with regular collaborators Butler Bros, composer Giles Lamb and Numbercult (Craig Ritchie Allan) in what is our first personal project in 5 years. This new commission of site-specific work in our sub-basement will explore real time graphics, sensing and 3D audio in a journey through a series of volumetric tableaux, with reactive motionography and sound.

    Find out more.

    Siren Servers

  • Chatham Feature in Dezeen

    Historic Dockyard Chatham’s major expansion by London studio Baynes and Mitchell Architects is one of six projects in the running for this year’s Stirling Prize and Dezeen have featured the nautical museum’s transformation.

    ‘The discovery in 1995 of the frame of an 18th-century warship called the Namur laid out beneath one of the buildings led to a lengthy excavation process. It was after this that Baynes and Mitchell Architects was brought on board.’

    We were the lead AV and interactive designers for Chatham’s Command of the Oceans galleries.


  • VR Installation at Crate Studio

    We’re collaborating with artist, John Butler to create a virtual reality installation for an exhibition next month at Crate Studio in Margate. The work involves using realtime rendering and is the first in a series of life-size digital tableaux we’re exploring with John and plan to premiere in Glasgow later this year.

    john butler margate

  • Lews Castle Museum Official Opening

    Stornoway’s Lews Castle Museum was officially opened by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this week. The £19.5m five-year regeneration of the iconic Outer Hebridean castle houses AV installations and interactives created by ourselves including an immersive media presentation which takes the visitor on a journey of the natural environment across the islands throughout the seasons.

    This is the first Gaelic-led museum anywhere in the world and is home to six of the Lewis Chessmen on long-term loan from the British Museum. A multimedia approach alongside more traditional museum displays enables visitors to learn more about the society, culture and history of the Outer Hebrides.


  • Aberdeen Art Gallery Refurbishment

    Aberdeen Art Gallery is currently undergoing major refurbishment to transform it into the leading heritage and arts visitor attraction in the north east of Scotland. The restored and modernised building will celebrate its unique features and improve the Collections Display through expanded galleries with more exhibits.

    The redevelopment project will enhance the visitor experience with new opportunities for participation. We are currently working on a suite of interactives for the new Exploring Art gallery.

    The museum is due to reopen in late 2018 or early 2019.

    ISODESIGN Aberdeen Art Gallery

  • Dockyard Chatham Winter Closure

    The Historic Royal Dockyard Chatham offers a unique visitor experience as the world’s most complete dockyard from the Age of Sail. Visitors can discover the secrets of Britain’s maritime history through our media installations in four of its popular exhibitions: No. 1 SmitherySteam, Steel and Submarines and more recently Command of the Oceans.

    In four new interactive galleries, Command of the Oceans explores Chatham’s trade roots, the full dockyard story, the mystery of the Namur which was a ship found under the floor and a treasure trove of archaeological objects recovered from the sea bed.

    The Dockyard is located just 35 miles from central London and will close for the winter on Sunday 27 November.

    ISODESIGN Chatham