• Ministerial Visit

    MSP Ivan McKee, Scottish Minister for Trade, Investment & Innovation visited our R&D department ISO*Labs this morning, and, along with Professor Nick Higgins from University of the West of Scotland, we shared our experience being part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme (KTP), how it has enabled us to explore cutting edge immersive technologies and create innovative prototypes. Minister McKee announced that record breaking amounts are being spent on research and development in Scotland (£2.5bn), driven by strong growth in business investment in R&D.

    The Minister also had a chance to see Kristalpallast, a VR piece developed by our KTP Associate Verena Henn which premiered at Glasgow Short Film Festival earlier this month, DIGITAL LAOCOÖN, the immersive VR documentary we created in partnership with GSA and AHRC, and hear about a brand new research led project we’re undertaking in collaboration with Glasgow Life and The Royal Conservatiore of Scotland which explores Gaelic’s place in contemporary Scottish culture through digital immersive experiences, produced by ISO’s own Gaelic speaker Lauren Glasgow.


    Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 13.47.48DSC02198

  • UWS Immersive Symposium and VR Exhibition

    We were at the University of the West of Scotland’s Creative Media Academy today for a UWS Immersive symposium on Virtual Reality and its uses in higher education. BAFTA award winning producer Catherine Allen of Limina Immersive was the keynote speaker who spoke about learning through immersion.

    There were also a number of interesting panel discussions from areas of psychology, healthcare, computing, heritage and design. Our KTP associate Verena Henn joined one of the panels to present her latest research into prototyping immersive experiences for the Cultural Sector.


  • DIGITAL LAOCOÖN at Creative Economy’s Immersive Experiences Showcase

    Back in January ISO and The Glasgow School of Art answered a research call from the AHRC & EPSRC to explore the future of immersive experiences in the context of three central concepts – Memory, Place and Performance. 

    We are in York today at the #ImmersiveExperiences Showcase sharing the fruits of this research – DIGITAL LAOCOÖN; a VR experience and accompanying AR app which tell the intriguing story of the Laocoön statue that once sat in the historic Mackintosh School. Our research explored how VR’s unique transportive and immersive qualities can bring new and exciting ways of interacting and engaging with historic objects.


  • Konx-om-Pax @ ISO

    As part of Festival 2018 and Glasgow’s linking to Berlin for the European Championships, we invited Berlin-based audio/visual artist Tom Scholefield (aka Konx-on-Pax) to host a retrospective exhibition. The show featured record sleeve designs, graphic prints, posters, 3D visuals and video work from 2005 – 2018, showcasing Tom’s unique and immediately identifiable vibrant aesthetic. For the Preview weekend, Tom was also joined by Glasgow DJs Sofay and Ribeka for an exclusive live set in the ISO screening room before playing an exclusive live AV set in George Square with Mogwai’s Barry Burns and his band SUMS.

    Tom has had his directorial work shown in different publications and festivals all over the world and is known for his psychedelic 3D live visuals for artists such as Lone and his own performances. In more recent years, he has worked with labels such as Warp Records, Brainfeeder, Hyperdub and LuckyMe and he continues to release his own electronic music on Planet Mu.


  • Festival 18

    As part of Festival 18 and The Merchant City Festival, we are hosting the first gallery exhibition of Ex-ISO studio member and Berlin-based audio/visual artist Tom Scholefield and a screening of Run Lola Run in in our Merchant City studio.

    Tom, better known as Konx-Om-Pax takes classic 80s sci-fi and modernist cues to create a vivid aesthetic that has shaped the looks of musicians such as Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never and Keudo. Run Lola Run is a critically acclaimed tense thriller which was filmed in and around Berlin in 1998.

    View the festival programme.



  • Robert Duncan @ Pictoplasma

    ISO designer Robert Duncan ventured off to Berlin in May to attend the Pictoplasma conference and festival. The event is a hub for those looking to immerse themselves in contemporary character design and art.

    Robert had kept the festival on his radar for a long time and this year decided to take the plunge and submit his work. The artists at the events were hugely inspiring and the level of talent and success they exuded on stage was something he’s keen to emulate.

    The GIF attached is Robert’s submission – Amaxius, 5th Level Wizard!


  • ISO @ Global Game Jam 2018

    ISO was a hub for this year’s Global Game Jam. The worldwide three-day event was open to all who wanted to challenge themselves and develop an interactive game within 48 hours with only a theme to work on. This year’s theme was ‘Transmission’.

    Our team of 8, formed of ISO staff, colleagues and friends, quickly set to work creating a message collecting game, titled ‘RE-EARTH’, which was a fun, short narrative experience.

    More information on the Global Game Jam can be found here:- https://globalgamejam.org/about


  • Narrative Systems – GSA Interaction Design

    Just finished working with GSA’s Interaction Design 3rd years on their new ‘Narrative Systems’ project with The Glasgow Vehicle Trust.  The students were tasked with creating a series of site-specific installations for the public at the Trusts depot in East Glasgow with the aim of attracting a new, younger audience to the Museum. Led by Ex ISO colleague and course head,  Paul Maguire and artist/designer Jen Sykes we worked with the students to develop their interactives.

    The final work ranged from 3D audio pieces that tracked visitors in real-time, film installations, generative graphic works and video-augmented sculptures.  Students Steve Curtis and Hana Seo created the installation featured here, ‘Patterns’ which allowed visitors to explore a huge database of graphic patterns and then video-map back to an array of seats in real time.

    Learn more about the GSA Interaction Design Department.

    Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust - GSA

  • V&A Dundee Filming

    Scottish Jewellery designer Lynne MacLachlan joined us in the studio for one of the films we are creating of her work for the new V&A Dundee galleries. Lynne took us through her whole creative process – from generating her beautiful designs in CAD software Rhino, 3D printing, hand dipping and assembly.

    The final film will become one of the key assets in a large interactive table we are designing that explores the design process and production across a range of Scottish design objects.

    See more of Lynne’s work.




  • Sonica Siren Servers

    Sonica is the UK’s biggest sound and interactive art festival. We have extended our studio practices of pre-visualisation and high-end production of immersive installations to create an optical and auditory simulacra with regular collaborators Butler Bros, composer Giles Lamb and Numbercult (Craig Ritchie Allan) in what is our first personal project in 5 years. This new commission of site-specific work in our sub-basement will explore real time graphics, sensing and 3D audio in a journey through a series of volumetric tableaux, with reactive motionography and sound.

    Find out more.