• GSA_Immersion_Laocoon Super-Resolution 2018.10.11 - Super-Resolution 2018.10.11 -

    Studio 39 @ GSA

    We’re happy to announce that our collaboration with The Glasgow School of Art has been awarded follow on funding from the AHRC.

    We are further developing our virtual space, Studio 39 – one of Mackintosh’s original painting studios and the focus of the restoration work carried out after the 2014 fire. Our virtual Studio 39 was created using cloud point scans from the original space which, in addition to the Laocoön statue, we intend to populate with more 3D artefacts and add a number of new interactive elements.

    Visitors will be able to explore a rich array of assets and stories in new, immersive, and emotionally engaging ways. We hope that Studio 39 will be used once more as an architectural space for learning, with plans to develop similar immersive ‘deep dive’ environments for education and research.  


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