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    Narrative Systems – GSA Interaction Design

    Just finished working with GSA’s Interaction Design 3rd years on their new ‘Narrative Systems’ project with The Glasgow Vehicle Trust.  The students were tasked with creating a series of site-specific installations for the public at the Trusts depot in East Glasgow with the aim of attracting a new, younger audience to the Museum. Led by Ex ISO colleague and course head,  Paul Maguire and artist/designer Jen Sykes we worked with the students to develop their interactives.

    The final work ranged from 3D audio pieces that tracked visitors in real-time, film installations, generative graphic works and video-augmented sculptures.  Students Steve Curtis and Hana Seo created the installation featured here, ‘Patterns’ which allowed visitors to explore a huge database of graphic patterns and then video-map back to an array of seats in real time.

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