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    Ministerial Visit

    MSP Ivan McKee, Scottish Minister for Trade, Investment & Innovation visited our R&D department ISO*Labs this morning, and, along with Professor Nick Higgins from University of the West of Scotland, we shared our experience being part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme (KTP), how it has enabled us to explore cutting edge immersive technologies and create innovative prototypes. Minister McKee announced that record breaking amounts are being spent on research and development in Scotland (£2.5bn), driven by strong growth in business investment in R&D.

    The Minister also had a chance to see Kristalpallast, a VR piece developed by our KTP Associate Verena Henn which premiered at Glasgow Short Film Festival earlier this month, DIGITAL LAOCOÖN, the immersive VR documentary we created in partnership with GSA and AHRC, and hear about a brand new research led project we’re undertaking in collaboration with Glasgow Life and The Royal Conservatiore of Scotland which explores Gaelic’s place in contemporary Scottish culture through digital immersive experiences, produced by ISO’s own Gaelic speaker Lauren Glasgow.


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