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    This is a three part BBC Scotland series narrated by Ken Stott which explores Scotland’s social and political changes in the years following World War One. The narrative unfolds through a combination of time lapse and archival images, compositing and text. We also explored a variety of techniques including time-lapse photography, double exposure, 2.5D displacement effects, map animations as well as rostrum treatments to bring the story to life.

    The series was first broadcast on 23 March 2015. Find out more and watch clips from the episodes here.

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    Episode One

    Post-war Scotland had a profound sociopolitical impact on modern Scotland. Returning soldiers were promised a land fit for heroes, but instead found widespread poverty and political discontent where tensions were high. The first in the three-part series examines the turbulent political situation that was emerging in Scotland, and the new era of class politics that was to materialise.
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    Episode Two

    The second film examines the grave problems facing Scotland's Highlands and Islands. A crisis was emerging as landowners went bankrupt, while crofters went hungry, with no land to work. The future was indeed bleak for those who stayed and, for those who wanted out, subsidised passages to Britain's dominions awaited. We brought archival images to life with displacement maps and layered animated typography.
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    Episode Three

    In the wake of the Great War, a vision of a revived Scotland appealed to the masses. The final film in this series examines the remarkable transformation of those who helped give birth to the modern Scotland we recognise today.
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  • Director / Producer
    Laura Mitchell

    Executive Producer
    Rachel Bell

    Ken Stott

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