Mercedes-Benz World – AV installations / interactives


  • ISODESIGN MB World exterior

    Mercedes-Benz World is located at the very first purpose-built motor race circuit in the world on the famous Brooklands site in Weybridge, Surrey. You can discover the history behind the legendary vehicles, access racing tracks and enjoy a 4D cinematic experience. We created interactive experiences and AV installations which explore the history of the legendary Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

  • Using the latest technology and software, we built 3D animated environments to enhance the visitor’s immersive experience.

    AV Installations

  • ISODESIGN MB World 3D film car
    BUILD used the latest 3D stereoscopic vision technology. This is a fully high definition, computer generated immersive experience which characterises the audience themselves as the car whilst it’s being built. It is a 4D adventure with programmed seating that bounces and moves in sync with the on-screen animation. The environments and robots were modelled from Germany’s existing Bremen production line.
  • ISODESIGN MB World 3D film car skeleton
  • ISODESIGN MB World 3D film car skeleton profile
  • ISODESIGN MB World 3D film car factory
  • ISODESIGN MB World 3D film robots
  • The interactives complement the vehicles on display, whilst allowing visitors to discover more about the technology within them.


  • ISODESIGN MB World Simplex
    This seamless display of three video projections illustrates the development of the 1904 Mercedes Simplex. Users solve three problems with a joystick control and then test their solutions.
  • ISODESIGN MB World Telematics
    The Improved Driver Experience is a two screen touchscreen exhibit centred around telematics whereby cars use onboard computers and GPS tracking to be truly networked. Animations, video and audio pop-ups explain the technology.
  • ISODESIGN MB World Fuel Cell
    Fuel Cell explores the use of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel alternative. With a non-touch interface, this interactive enables users to make their selections out of thin air. The technology tracks the user’s hands as they point to objects on screen.