Lincoln Castle – AV installations / interactives


  • Lincoln Castle AV Installation

    Following a £22m four-year long renovation, Lincoln Castle re-opened its doors with a royal welcome from HRH Princess Anne on 8 June 2015.

    We created eight AVs and five interactives for the Victorian Prison within the castle grounds. Our work includes large scale video projections, 2D and 3D animations, bespoke software frameworks, green screen filming and location photography.

  • ISO developed scripts, auditioned actors and organised the filming for eight large scale AVs.

    AV installations

  • Lincoln Castle Introductory Film

    Introductory Film

    An introductory three minute film is projected onto a SMART glass bay window of the Governor’s office. This special glass can change its opacity and alter the amount of light it lets through. We built a 3D model of the prison using original building plans which, combined with archive imagery and illustrations, bring the story to life.
  • Lincoln Castle Introductory Film
  • Lincoln Castle Site History

    Site History

    The site history of the castle and prison using plans from 10 key stages of development from 1068 - 2015 is explored via a film projected onto a relief map. For this we built multiple 3D representations of the site. From King Stephen’s army sieges to building demolitions, the stages examined include 1068 - William the Conqueror commissions the castle build at Lincoln; 1215 - Magna Carta publicly read out on castle grounds; 1644 - English Civil War; 1848 - Victorian Prison built.
  • Lincoln Castle Prisoner Stories

    Prisoner Stories

    A promenade of films tell five prisoner stories by means of projections into individual cells. These were created using green screen studio filming and are based on true prisoner stories from the past. We worked with talented collaborators including composer Andy Cowton who created the music and sound for the Prisoner Stories and director Tim Niel for the character performances.
  • Lincoln Castle Prisoner Stories
  • Lincoln Castle Fates Film

    Fates Film

    The final film tells the story of the prison coming to an end and wraps up the narratives of the staff and prisoners visitors met throughout their journey. This is a two minute dual projection onto a screen which is set on a loop.
  • ISO used a cross-platform real-time games engine to develop bespoke software for the interactive tables.


  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables

    Touchscreen Tables

    We built bespoke software using the Realtime 3D engine in Unity for five new MultiTaction tables which use state of the art new touchscreen technology. Included in these tables are short films made with the Friends of Lincoln Castle volunteers as subjects. In After Effects we created a series of reconstructed historical scenes with a 3D effect using 2D highly stylised images taken by photographer Manuel Vazquez.
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables Chaplain

    Reconstruction Films

    Rostrums and 3D displacement mapping of high resolution images recreate true events from the nineteenth century using recorded entries from the Chaplain’s, Matron’s and Surgeon’s diaries. We shot these dramatic sequences on location within the Castle. These films play out within the various interactive tables.
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables Matron
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables Matron
  • Lincoln Castle Interactive Tables Surgeon