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The Science Museum

  • The Cell

    Information Age at London’s Science Museum is the UK’s first permanent gallery dedicated to the history of information and communications technology. It features more than 800 objects, from electric telegraphy, broadcasting and telephony to satellite communications, the web and mobile voice and data networks.

    Information Age was opened by the Queen in October 2015, where she sent her first tweet!


  • The Cell

    The Cell

    ISO developed ‘The Cell’ one of six story boxes; specially commissioned installations from writers, technologists and digital designers. We collaborated with playwright Dawn King and Andrew Rice of Cambridge University to explore mobile connectivity and our relationship with it. We created a series of interlinked, character-led narratives that provide snapshots of contemporary digital life and data visualisations of modern habits.
  • The Cell Interaction


    Visitors can watch the films or choose to interact directly with them by connecting to The Cell by sending a text via their phones; this then unlocks enhanced content, conversations, animations and backstory to the linear experience. Users can add images and messages which are then relayed within The Cell and take part in live polls; their contributions and the information we gather whilst they are connected help us build up an anonymised live data record of the Gallery’s visitors.
  • The Cell