Bristol Data Dome – Immersive Media Installation

Future Cities Catapult

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    Bristol Data Dome is the UK’s first full dome planetarium adapted for the presentation of media and live data. As part of the Bristol is Open project, the dome is intended to be used for visualising complex experiments, creating interactive virtual reality environments and providing individual audience members with their own unique viewpoint. We were commissioned by Future Cities Catapult (the government agency for the use of public data) to create the launch content and media workflow demonstrations to showcase the potential of the space.

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    The Dome environment is a demanding media space like no other - delivering content as 4K spherical media. It delivers over 2 billion pixels per second and it completely fills the peripheral vision of an audience of 100 people. We were presented with 250 data sources that ranged from studies on sociological mapping, air purity, high water marks, distribution of public artworks and pop-up food outlets! We were tasked with incorporating these into the dome experience in a way that was entertaining and informative for the general public.
  • Bristol 360
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    Geo-mapped Data

    Two experiences were created - the first a linear film that introduced data and the city to a general audience. The other uses a games engine and the same data sets to create a 3D model of the city with geo-mapped data that users can explore in realtime, triggering animations and pulling in live data as they go.
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  • Bristol 360
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